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Technical Service


Installation of WWTP Control System

Construction of Fire Pump Control System

Installation of Boiler Burner Control Units

Construction of Batching Machine Systems

Installation of Pneumatics Control System

Installation of Pumps and Pump Controller

Applications and Repair of DC Motor Drives

Rewinding of AC / DC Motors & Alternators

Machine and Conveyors Supplies and Fabrication

Repair of Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning System

Troubleshooting and Repair of Machine Control Systems

Applications and Repair of AC Variable Frequency Drives

Upgrading of Machine Controls and Reconditioning Service

Repair and Reconditioning of Boiler Units and Control System

Installation of Boiler Low Water Cut Off Units and PID Controls

Machine Installation, Retrofitting, Start-Up and commissioning.

Repair of Generator Controls and Preventive Maintenance Services

Fabrication, Installation and Repair Services of Capacitor Bank Units

System Integration and applications of Programmable Logic Controllers

System Integration and Applications of Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Repair of Compressor Units, Air Drier and Preventive Maintenance Services

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